Gastrointestinal pathologies


My anatomy and physiology teacher liked to talk about the benefits of visceral massage; sadly, he never went into much detail about what visceral massage was so we were left with a vague impression of manipulation of the viscera. What visceral is massage? I didn’t find a whole lot of information, but did get the idea that visceral massage is indeed the manipulation of the viscera to release adhesions, hypertonicity, and to correct displacements. As a new massage practitioner this all sounds terribly advanced to me; while I enjoy doing abdominal work and the effects that my clients have seen, the idea of doing deep work on the abdomen would require considerable study and significant increase in my palpation skills. This course has opened a window into the diseases of the visceral organs, and knowing these has helped me to realize why I like the abdominal massage–because there’s a lot going on in there–but has helped build a healthy respect for working very carefully.

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