Elder Abuse


Elder abuse is a common form of abuse that most people are unaware of. When people think of abuse they often think of children or spousal abuse. I am a case manager for people 60 and over. This job is rewarding and sad at the same time. Most people think that elderly people have no idea what is going on because of their age. Most of my clients are alert and oriented. All abuse is not only physical or sexual. A lot of the elderly are abused financially also. We all will build relationships with our patients if we see them on a continuing basis and we will make important observations even if we only see them one time. Our patients trust us if we see them more than once. As health care professionals our observations are the keys to learning about a person. Massage therapists will be able to see any bruising or lacerations during the massage. Inquiring about these types of dermatological pathologies can help us to determine if they are accidental or possibly related to abuse. Sometimes the elderly neglect themselves and are unsafe to be alone due to a mental disorder such as dementia. Anyone can make an anonymous referral to adult protective services if there are any concerns. Most people will not openly admit abuse especially if they are being abused by a family member or friend. A referral to an agency such as Adult Protective services may save their life.

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