Assessment of Body Leaning Detects a Forgotten Injury


One of my massage clients was leaning a little to one side when he came to my office this week. When I asked him how he had been doing, he didn’t report at all that he had recently sprained his ankle starting his lawn mower. It was not until I got to his right ankle with the massage, and at the same time I noticed some edema in the ankle, he remembered the injury from 10 days previous that had not been giving him trouble, but the effects of the trauma were still in his body. I used some very gentle range of motion in both ankles, some reflexology on the bottoms of both feet, and didn’t do much to the recovering ankle. He called back today to say that all the swelling went down after the massage. So perhaps the general workout of the massage, and the increase in lymphatic drainage helped the edema resolve itself.

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