Urinary Incontinence and Bodywork


I attended three weekend seminars with a technique called Total Body Modification, which utilizes a soft-tissue adjustment for urinary incontinence. This technique was formulated by Dr. Victor Frank, a chiropractor who uses a mix of acupressure, Chinese medicine, body harmonization of allergies, and has been researching bodywork techniques for over 40 years. When I first went to his seminar, I was 44 years old and just begun to have minor urinary incontinence. When I would run or jump, and sometimes even just laugh or sneeze, I would feel a slight urine escape. This is very embarrassing, and quite common in women over age 40 who have had babies. I had many friends who had “dropped bladders,” and a number who had surgeries for incontinence, which actually made the condition worse. So I did not want to continue having these symptoms, which frequently get continually worse, but I didn’t want to risk surgery either. I attended the TBM seminar, and when the time came to demonstrate the technique, I was the first volunteer. This is a soft-tissue manipulation where the practitioner pulls cephalid with the fingertips of both hands on the tissue just above the pubis symphisis. As the client is laying supine with his/her legs both raised at or above a 45-degree angle, and the correction occurs when they gradually lower both legs to the table. This can be repeated for three times. This soft-tissue manipulation and relief of symptoms can last from one week to one year. I did not experience any incontinence for a full six months, and when they condition returned, I simply had this procedure repeated. Now, I can laugh and sneeze, run and jump without any concern, and I usually only need this procedure every few years.

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