Assessing for Pathologies of the Nervous System Regarding a Victim of Stab Wound


When providing massage therapy to a client who has been the victim of a recent stab wound, the therapist should assess for any pathologies of the nervous system. Find out if the client received injury to a nerve(s) and the severity. Check to see if the injury caused any paralysis, or partial loss of feeling. If so, the therapist may proceed with the massage using gentle pressure to increase circulation. Also, nerve compression and entrapment may be assessed. Find out the level of pain and if there is referred pain. Once pain level is discovered, the therapist may choose to apply light or deep pressure to the muscles and tissues that innervate the nerve being affected. If the cause is inflammation, massage in contraindicated. A head injury could have also occurred during the incident. Make sure the client has clearance from their physician if they acquired a concussion, contusion, epidural hematoma, or subdural hematoma, as these are all contraindications. Finally, when assessing for nervous pathologies, the therapist should be aware the client may be experiencing depression, or an anxiety disorder. Also be aware of possible substance abuse. Proceeding with caution, massage may be performed in these situations.

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