Dermatological Pathologies regarding child abuse


When administering massage therapy to a child who has been in an abuse situation, the therapist should be careful to observe any dermatological pathologies. Since the child has been neglected, there is a higher risk factor for several contraindications. Notice and ask the child of any open wounds. If determined, avoid the wound, although the therapist may massage the surrounding tissues to assist the healing process. Ask if the child has any persistent itching, a symptom of several highly contagious dermatological pathologies such as lice, scabies, chickenpox, and ringworm. These are definite contraindications and the child should be referred to a physician immediately. Find out if there is any recent scarring. Avoid any unhealed scars. Look for any other unusual areas of redness, inflammation, and excessive bruising and proceed with caution. Again, the therapist may massage around these areas to help speed up the healing process. During the massage, the therapist may also choose to assess any other conditions such as swollen lymph nodes and dehydration. If these conditions are detected, the therapist should notify the child’s guardian or physician. These are all likely possibilities of a child who has been abused, and dermatological pathologies for the massage therapist to be highly cautious.

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