As a new massage student, my first instructor was a huge fan of abdominal massage. I, decidedly, was not. Over the years I have received numerous professional massages. Not once has a massage therapist offered to work on my abdomen. Until massage school, I didn’t even know we could massage the abdomen in a professional setting. I have always found the abdominal area extremely sensitive and personal, as most people do. Receiving massage in that area has not been something I would seek out in the past. However, after receiving an excellent abdominal massage from my instructor, who considers herself to be an expert in the area, I noticed a change in my digestive movements. Over the course of a week, I experienced a series of massages that led me from extreme and regular constipation to regular and consistent bowel movements. I also received advice from my instructor on nutrition, as I was lacking fiber and the necessary roughage in my diet to process the foods I was eating. I am now a fan of abdominal massage and offer it to all my clients. I’ve even used it to help relieve my wife’s IBS.

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