Kidney Stones


As a young child, I remember my grandfather struggling with kidney stones. I had no idea what they were at the time, so, one day I asked him. He explained in the simplest of terms and then told me a great story. A story that would help me decide that I wanted to be a massage therapist. He explained that it was actually due to a massage therapist urging that he see a doctor. He had an old friend who was a massage therapist. The therapist would visit my grandfather at home, where the therapist would sometimes work on my grandfather and grandmother. My grandfather was explaining a pain he had in his back. After a few questions, the therapist asked my grandfather to see a doctor and that he thought he might have kidney stones. This therapist had experience in energy work. He was also a healer who used crystals. After my grandfather was diagnosed with kidney stones, the therapist would focus his attentions on relieving my grandfather’s referred pain from his kidney stones. My grandfather was always grateful to his friend, the massage therapist, for his knowledge and insight. That is the type of therapist I would like to be, one who can use his education as well as his physical ability to help people alleviate future, as well as current pain.

Online Pathology Course for Massage Therapists

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