Endocrine Pathologies


In this chapter six, our textbook talks about the endocrine system. Here are some of the things I learned. The endocrine system is one of the regulatory systems of the body, it helps maintain homeostasis. Some of the chemicals released by endocrine glands are responsible for stress responses in the body. The endocrine system works along with the nervous system to coordinate the functioning of all body systems. The endocrine system uses chemicals called hormones. The nervous system takes less time than the endocrine system to respond. The effects of the endocrine system are longer lasting than the effects of the nervous system. The endocrine system, by contrast has a more widespread effect – it regulates all types of body cells. The overall effect the endocrine system include regulating the activity of smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and some glands; altering metabolism; regulating the chemical composition and volume of body fluids and fluids inside cells; regulating growth and development; help regulate reproductive process; and participating in circadian rhythms. The body contains two kinds of glands, exocrine and endocrine. This concludes chapter 6.

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