The Virus


One agent of disease that has always intrigued me is the virus. My interest in viruses initiated when Magic Johnson, my favorite player at the time, disclosed to the world that he had contracted HIV. As I began to research what a virus was, I was stunned to discover that is a nonliving entity. Essentially, they consist of a core of DNA or RNA, enclosed by a coat of protein, yet have no metabolic processes. They invade a cell by attaching to its plasma membrane, then subsequently inject their genetic material into the cell. Consequently, the cell then makes new viruses due to the new genetic code transmitted by the virus. What is astonishing to me is that the virus accomplishes this feat and is deemed nonliving. My question in conjunction with this thought is how and why do they mutate so easily? Because of the job requirement of touching an unclothed client, the virus is one of the most likely pathogens a massage therapist may contract. The therapist may not only contract the virus, but spread it to other parts of the client’s body. Viruses can also spread through inhalation of infected droplets. Regardless of the work setting or style of treatment, the massage therapist must be familiar with all of the sanitary procedures, such as hand washing, glove use, and disinfecting of equipment.

Online Massage Therapy Pathology Class

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