Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists


Chapter one focuses on the types of diseases that massage therapists need to be aware of to protect themselves. It covers all types of diseases that are genetic, degenerative, caused by deficiency, infectious, and metabolic. What we therapists mainly need to look out for, since we are unable to diagnose any disease or disorder for any client, are the infectious or contagious diseases that clients are able to spread to us or other people. As massage therapists we reserve the right to deny service to those who we feel may pose as dangerous to ourselves if we were to treat them. Politely we would request that they return with a doctor’s note of approval before giving treatment to reassure ourselves that they would not pose as a threat to our own health.

The book also discusses methods in which these diseases and or viruses are able to be spread: either by direct or indirect physical contact. We are also given guidelines on how to be sanitary within our working environment. By either using gloves or thoroughly washing our hands, we are able to prevent the spreading of viruses, and we can avoid cross-contamination by changing the sheets after each client.

Online and Instructor-Led Massage Pathology Course

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