Massage Therapist and Client Intake


Client intake is very important to understand your clients needs and medical history. Massage therapists must use all types of communication: verbal, nonverbal, and written. This effects the entire massage. By doing a client intake it makes the therapist a more responsible character. Personal professionalism is the appearance and mannerism. They should be knowledgeable, skilled, self aware, focused, calm, confident and always prepared. Client precaution knowledge helps the therapist understand the clients needs though a visual and auditory assessments. Creating a professional environment is very important. It ensures the client is safe and comfortable. The area should be clutter-free. All massage therapist should have informed consent, which essentially is permission for treatment. Asking the client if they have any medical problems you should be aware of is very important because it helps the therapist by formulating a treatment plan. If the client has high blood pressure, use light pressure. If the client is pregnant, inform her that she cannot be worked on if she is in her first trimester, ect….

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