Muscles, bones, and joints


Frozen shoulder: massage goals are to maintain and slowly increase the clients ROM. Stretching/ tractioning the capsule with the clients arm over the side of the table. Massage the girdle muscles including pectoralis major and minor as well as rotator cuff muscles. Amputation: Therapists usually locate trigger points in the affected muscles. While massaging the stump, the therapist needs to ask if the area is sensitive or numb. Many prefer to do reiki or energy treatments. Ankylosing Spondylitis: Therapist needs to ask which position is most comfortable for client. Some need extra cushioning in the neck region while lying supine or on their side. The focus should be on joint mobility, strengthening muscles and stretching the tight ones. Atrophy: strokes should be slow and soothing. Use cross fibering. Therapist should communicate about the depth of pressure and effectiveness of the technique. Fibromyalgia: Should have a myofascial massage. Therapist should use long slow strokes and ask about pressure.

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