Chapter 1


Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, by Salvo and Anderson.

Chapter 1, in giving an overview of pathology, brings to the forefront the idea of awareness of various pathologies. An individual in the field of massage (or similar environment involving direct, physical patient contact) needs to be aware of pathologies that exist and could be transferred from the client to the therapist or vice versa. Having not only awareness but a knowledge base of pathology will allow the therapist to make appropriate choices in terms of treatment.

A particular portion of Chapter 1 that sparked some interest was that of predisposing factors/risk factors that make an individual more likely to contract a disease or accelerate the onset of a condition. A question was asked as a part of the discussion “What choices can you make to counteract them (the predisposing factors)?” While age and gender are not able to be controlled, adults and adolescents can often make decisions in terms of lifestyle, environment and stress that could contribute or counteract the risk factors for certain diseases. However, there is a certain age when these things become “controllable”. Young children who are not able to control their environment can be susceptible to diseases due to higher risk factors. Rickets is an example of this. Children who lack Vitamin D are at a higher risk for developing rickets.

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