Coronary artery disease


Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a prevalent condition in which the coronary arteries are narrowed and there is reduced blood flow to the heart (Salvo, 208). The main cause of this condition is atherosclerosis, and CAD is the leading cause of death in the United States. Some factors that lead to CAD are out of an individual’s control- such as gender, ethnicity, family history, and infection. That being said, there are risk factors that are likely to decrease the incidence of CAD, and also risk factors that may reduce the incidence of coronary artery disease that are within the realm of the patient’s control. This is not to say that CAD is “preventable” but it is notable that there are things a person can do to reduce his/her risk such as not smoking, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet and weight.
In terms of massage therapy, it is important that the therapist uses only light massage and first consults with the client’s healthcare provider- as massage could loosen a clot and travel to a blood vessel in the heart, lungs or brain (similar to embolism ). Knowledge of this pathology is crucial due to the high prevalence in today’s society.

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