Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, by Salvo and Anderson.

There was a lot of information in this chapter on client intake and health assessment. The first portion talks about documentation, informed consent forms charting, and assessing the patient’s treatment. I found this portion very interesting because when I’ve done some shadowing in the field I want to enter (occupational therapy), the therapists all used the documentation detailed here. It was nice to see some of the questions that a massage therapists would ask a client prior to the massage (pages 30-35). I learned the importance of subjective and objective data when assessing a client. A large part of this chapter was actually looking at objective data a massage therapist might collect from looking at a patient. For example, looking at skin color, skin condition, and skin pigmentation would be part of an objective exam. Nail condition, breathing, posture and body structure are also important things to look at before a therapist determines how to proceed with their course of treatment. The chapter goes on to talk about many additional things to consider from skin turgor to gait. The last part of the chapter describes how to set up a treatment plan. This includes maybe setting up short-term massage goals along with long term ones for example. The therapist will be sure to assess the client’s needs while coming up with a treatment plan. I learned a lot from this chapter. I feel that treatment plans are a big part of occupational therapy as well as massage therapy! I didn’t know the two were similar in this regard.

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