Reproductive Conditions


Massage can be a highly effective method of relief for premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, and dysmenorrhea, as long as the therapist is careful to first ask the client about the location and severity of the pain. Different positions can provide more comfort during massage, and these various positions should be tried with the client depending on their pain level and location. Gentle massage can help a client who is experiencing these conditions relax.

Also, with the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, it is important that massage therapists are aware of the various pathologies of the reproductive system. Some can be contagious and also cause pain for the client during massage. Massage can be contraindicated until the client has fully recovered, but some conditions can also be life-threatening. Also, some pathologies only affect the reproductive system, while others can have consequences on the entire body and other systems. This is why, although not directly affected by massage, therapists must know and understand the reproductive system.

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