Musculoskeletal pathologies


Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, by Salvo and Anderson.

Chapter 4– This chapter was about musculoskeletal pathologies. The chapter started with a muscular system overview. This was a really nice review, since there is a lot to know regarding this system. It included material about different muscle types, the difference between voluntary and involuntary, and the different functions (movement, stabilization etc). It even goes into how a muscle fiber contracts (figure 4-4 and page 101). The beginning of this chapter also reviews bones, joints, and a little about connective tissues. The chapter goes on to talk about musculoskeletal diseases. Pages 110-135 describe different types of diseases regarding this system. Similarly to the last chapter it briefly describes the issue and then follows up with how massage therapists should treat the issue (massage consideration). In the previous chapter, the pathologic skin was usually not touched. However, in this chapter most of conditions allow for the therapist to massage the affected area. However, if the pathology caused the patient pain the therapist was advised to keep this in mind when determining the treatment plan. The text usually recommended that the therapist ask the client how painful or sensitive the area is before they proceed. Often if there was extreme inflammation, massage was discouraged until some of the swelling subsided. One of the most interesting portions of this chapter was on page 119 (figure 4-34) regarding the different types of fractures. The diagram was very informational and will help me remember all the different types of fractures in the future. All of the pictures were once again very helpful in understanding the pathology being discussed.

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