Massage benefits to Musculoskeletal Problems


Muscles, like everything else in the body, take orders from the brain. When the brain wants action, it sends a message through the spinal cord and connected nerves to reach the muscle itself. That movement is regulated by signals from the nerves in the muscle, which provides a constant progress report. During various specific soft tissue manipulation techniques used in Massage Therapy, there is a massive increase in the number of messages sent to the brain by the nerves. This sudden deluge of information readjusts muscle tension, increasing their ability to work while preventing injuries. Massage Therapy can appease many muscle disorders. Muscle spasms, for example, can be eased by certain Massage Therapy techniques because the kneading and stretching of the muscle fibers encourages a relaxation response in the muscle spindle receptors that are maintaining the spasm. Stretching or pressure on tendons can further interrupt the spasm. Massage benefits are enormous, for optimal results massage can be done once a week.

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