Lymphatic massage


Lymphatic massage is used to help increase lymph flow. This helps to removes harmful substances from the tissues and can increase immune function. Because the lymphatic system has no central pump, it must depend on muscle contraction to move fluid. Another way to move this fluid is through manual manipulation or massage. It increases lymphatic flow 8-10 times. This removes harmful substances from our tissues, nourishes tissues, reduces inflammation, and generally increases immune function, it helps people manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions and arthritis, traumatic injuries such as strains and sprains, headaches, sinus issues, healing from surgery, osteoarthritis, skin conditions, and swelling from unresolved injuries such as ankle sprains. Lymphatic massage was developed as a manual therapy in Europe, where it has been well researched and used in hospitals and clinics for decades. Lymphatic massage is also profoundly relaxing. This too helps the immune system to function well.

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