Nervous System Pathology


Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, by Salvo and Anderson. Within the course of Dr. Johnson.

This submission actually brings up a great point about accommodations for those with mental or visual disorders. Chapter 5 was kind of painful to sit through. It started off promising enough. It shows some of the best diagrams I’ve seen for places like the synaptic bulb, the meninges, and spinal nerve structures with their relation to body control/functions. There were even some great self-care tables and diagrams, and an educational image on advanced carpal tunnel. However, I have a thing about brains. Especially preserved and dissected brains. I don’t want to see them. I don’t see why being a massage therapist requires me to see brains with sections missing, or what the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on the physical brain have to do with massage. I just don’t understand the significance.

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