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This is actually one I must have missed. Very good disorder to point out, as a therapist must watch out for apnea on the table. Once again, however, I must submit my assignment here, failing yet again to find the button to submit an article of my own. Chapter 8 has a short and sweet introduction. It still gets the job done pretty well, and the images are decent (although the one on asthma seems a bit lacking, without a side-by-side comparison). I really had to appreciate the irony of this section, as I have been nursing cold-like symptoms for over two weeks now. Once again, I have to criticize my "need to know" on several very graphic pictures of lung and upper respiratory tissue, considering that I am neither trained nor qualified in biopsies to see this in the real world (especially without a side-by-side comparison to healthy tissue, to those of us who are visual learners). As critical as I may be at the necessity of seeing internal organs, this chapter did give some good examples of the external signs of certain respiratory diseases, especially when a significant amount of the ailments can be filtered down to fit between the archetypes of COPD.

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March 9, 2010
Title: Sleep Apnea and Massage
Sleep apnea is one of the common sleep disorders. It occurs when you stop breathing during the night. This is characterized by shallow breathes and loud snoring with pauses between breathes that last 10 seconds or more. People who have this condition, wake up frequently during the night to breathe. Some symptoms of sleep apnea are long gaps in breathing, very loud snoring, gasping or choking and not feeling rested in the morning. This condition usually occurs because of some sort of obstruction in the air passage. Massage cannot be used to treat sleep apnea, but can be performed for a client to rejuvenate and perhaps alleviate some symptoms of depression, if he has any.

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