cancer and neoplasia


When a person hears that has cancer, that person knows is facing death, cancer can easily metastasize or spread to other organs since cancer cells can travel through blood stream or lymphatic fluid. The majority of cancers are caused by exposure to carcinogens; they can change the gene structure of the cell; for example the tar in cigarette smoking, radon gas, and ultraviolet rays from sunlight. There are three types of cancer treatments; surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Massage treatments help people with cancer, in a great deal, relaxing them, cleansing de body of toxins and the powerful drugs used for chemotherapy and its side effects. Massage to, helps to boost the immune system decreases the pain and edema of cancer patients by integrating body, mind and spirit, the patient can fight the illness. Before there was the idea that massage could help to spread the disease, no medical evidence has proof that massage can do that, on the contrary there are more and more publications saying the contrary.

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