cardiovascular and lymphatic/immune systems


Not having all the elements to build a strong cardiovascular and immune systems in combination with stress and the addition of all kinds of negative to our health products like food preservatives, hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, genetically engineered fruits and vegetables, contaminated water, polluted air. Lacks of: enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids all that, and probably much more, is the price of living in a modern life style society. STRESS KILLS!, is not true, stress is the one that saves our lives in case of an emergency, remember fight or flight?, it is caused by the stress hormone epinephrine, this hormone increases blood pressure and heart rate constricting and dilating different circulatory vessels, if this condition of emergency remains for too long in our bodies and repeats over and over, as with any drug, becomes addictive. Remember? I work better under pressure, my adrenaline is flowing. Over time, poor stress management will take its toll. The first heart attack or stroke is on the way. This is why cardiovascular diseases are the number one killers in the United States of North America. All this affects to, the number one protector of our body, the immune system. Massage, in clients with cardiovascular and lymphatic disorders should be oriented to relax their nervous system. Breathing, walking and stretching exercises should be recommended.

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