endocrine system pathologies


The endocrine system in conjunction with the nervous system is the one that is involve in most of our body functions, setting our body into motion. From conception to death hormones control every aspect of our lives that is way, it is very important to maintain a healthy endocrine system for example, our reproduction is sexual means that male and female endocrine systems have been working in cooperation to be able to attract a man and a woman to have sexual relations. Who creates this powerful attraction that can be called love, passion, and lust?, their endocrine systems. As we grow up the thymus gland plays big role the immune system, this gland will be smaller as we get older. When some endocrine organs like the pancreas have an abnormal output of insulin it is life threatening since insulin helps to transport glucose to most cells depriving them of energy. Excess adipose tissue acts, as if it is a gland. Fat cells secrete estrogen; this hormone has been linked to several cancers like the breast cancer. The worst fat is the one located around the waist, since is close to many organs in the abdominal area. Massage to people with endocrine system problems should be only after clearance from their health care provider since an internal bleeding could be caused.

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