musculoskeletal pathologies


Muscles together with the nerves gives as motion protect our internal organs and place our bones in position. They are responsible of posture, temperature of the body, pumping the blood and when something is going abnormal will give us pain to protect a muscle or a group of muscles. Pain probably is the best guard we have for not damaging the muscles, now is very common almost too epidemic proportions the use of pain killers, this analgesics not only camouflages the problem but also inhibits the body the ability of creating its own pain killers. The musculoskeletal structure is the area where the massage therapist should be very knowledgeable, since the main purpose of the massage is relaxing, cleansing and helping the muscles of the client to recover from stress, injury or fatigue. If the massage therapist observes during the assessment that something looks abnormal in the musculoskeletal structure, should work on it or referred to a health care provider.

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