reproductive pathologies and sexually transmitted diseases


Two of my clients are both of them infertile, they have few things in common, their abdominal area could not be massaged, they are around forty years old, with a lot of stress in their lives and both of them want to get pregnant. It was so uncomfortable for them to be massaged, I tried different modalities and nothing work. I had to quit massaging them in that area and instead, I started using energy work, finally is working very good for both of them. They have not got pregnant yet, but the abdominal muscles are not so tense and painful as they used to be, one of them is being able to accept Swedish strokes in upper and lower abdominal muscles. Reproduction is a very important issue for a couple, some of them have problems procreating, relaxing the body and the mind with massage can help them to procreate. Many of the reproductive pathologies, are related to sexually transmitted diseases, some of this pathologies do not show symptoms for some time, the carrier keeps passing on the pathogen to other people for few years until is to late for their reproductive system. Other have the pathogen dormant as in HIV and they unknowingly pass on the virus to other people, it is not recommended to become pregnant having HIV, because the offspring will be born with the virus.

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