client intake and health assesment


The first impression is the most important, and by maintaining a knowledgeable professional attitude and mannerism, massage therapists, will grow in their practice. Knowing the medical history of the client, possible contraindications and the actual needs, will help the massage therapist to establish a treatment plan, what modalities to use what pressure, and even what kind of oils. During the assessment the massage therapist should use every sense, palpating visualizing hearing, smelling, to analyze the subjective and objective data always comparing both sides of the body their looks, range of motion, reaction to pressure, posture, always remembering that is a person looking for your help and that is your duty to respond the best way you can. The client must be informed of the plan of action, the short term , and long term goals, the desirable and the possible undesirable effects. It is very important to establish a close communication with the client, any objective or subjective information of any changes needs to be recorded, positive or negative. This will allow the massage therapist to keep good records of the treatments to be able to satisfy the individual needs of clients, make adjustments if necessary and have legal evidence if needed.

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