dermatological pathologies


Since many pathogens can reside on or in the skin is very important for the massage therapist to be very knowledgeable recognizing the signs and symptoms that pathogens have, that way the massage therapist will protect his/her self of acquiring the pathogen by contact , inflaming the area infected or spreading the pathogen to other areas. Color pigmentations, hardness, softness, rashes, fissures, parasites, or anything abnormal that the massage therapist could see or palpate has to be documented for future observations or refer out to a health care provider if necessary. Some people have allergic reactions to massage oils, is important to have in hand different massage oils and lotions usually clients know to what they are allergic, and which oil does not give them allergic reaction. In my practice, I had clients with aids, herpes simplex; fungal infections, skin cancer; warts, some of them very contagious pathologies and some clients omit to tell you at the beginning that they have them, and tell you later when they have more confidence with you. That is why, is so important to have always good cleaning habits, washing hands, using gloves if broken skin, yours or client’s, recommend bathing before massage, using clean sheets with every client, disinfecting stones or other artifacts used during the massage.

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