nervous system pathologies


The nervous system works in conjunction with the endocrine system to keep homeostasis in check. Millions of sensory cells are sending information to the central nervous system for evaluation, if anything out of its parameters will be corrected by direct action of the nerve system or by the release of hormones, many pathologies, that affect the nervous system, are acquired or congenital, either way, massage can help the client to release the tension created by this illnesses, so the body can heal itself. Many activities are realized consciously during the day, but many more are realized automatically and unconsciously all those decisions are taken by the central nervous system like the regulation of blood vessel diameter is achieved by the sympathetic nervous system, this system is the one responsible for the fight or flight, in other words, in case of an emergency you confront the situation or you leave the situation, all this surrounded by physical and mental changes like, increase of the heart rate, dilation of pupils, tunnel vision, faster breathing, the palms of your hands get wet with perspiration, the mind blocks and focuses in the threatening situation. When we are chronically in "emergency mode" stress, this will weaken our immune system and any illness can overcome us. In our assessment to the client, we should take in consideration the mental state of the client, if something calls our attention, like nervousness, jerking movements, abnormal breathing patterns, color of the skin, even the tone of the voice, can be an indication that a nervous pathology is affecting the client, some times little details can help us, to approach the problem in a better way. One of my clients, told me that needed a relaxing massage because of the stress she was having. During the assessment, I ask her, if her voice, always being like that, as she was chocking. She said she did not notice the difference, but, that I was the third person telling her the same thing in the last three moths. In a deeper evaluation I found the reason for the nervousness and the chocking of her voice. Using the proper modality she was able to recover her calm and her normal voice. It is important to have a healthy nervous system but many factors can damage it. Improper diet, lack of sleep, recreational or medicated drugs, emotional stress, deep and prolonged sadness. If any symptom let the client know, if necessary refer to a health care provider. People with nervous pathologies can benefit from a good relaxing massage mainly to release stress. It is easier to have a positive approach to difficulties if your mind is relaxed and calm.

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