Mental disorders Chapter 15


Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, 2nd edition, by Salvo and Anderson. Within the course of Dr. Johnson.

Mental Disorders are very interesting to name a few Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar, SAD. I think you need to be very caring and have no judgment if you encounter someone with a mental disorder. This is where once again your client intake form could be priceless. The most difficult of these disorders I think would be the survivors of sexual abuse. Almost anything could trigger your client. You need to be very careful and make sure you are soft spoken and communicate with them during your massage. Walk them through what you will be doing and make sure what you have discussed with them will be ok with them. Otherwise to please let you know. Depression would be interesting to deal with because you would have to be very grounded so it does not pass onto you. I don’t think I would have trouble with that, I am very much grounded, but I can see how it could happen. Depression is very powerful!

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