Respiratory System Pathologies Chapter 10


Respiratory System Pathologies was a good chapter to cover the upper respiratory tract infections, Lower Respiratory tract infections Chronic Obstructive pulmonary diseases and Immune disorders to name a few. I found Box 10-1 on Manifestations of Respiratory disease nice to be able to keep as a reference, altered breathing patterns, Wheezing, Pale Skin, Sore throat, & Enlarged Lymph nodes where good to be aware of and that was just a few of the manifestations. It was nice to see the muscles of respiration, so I know what muscles to maybe work on to help someone be more comfortable. I also liked the Postural Drainage Guidelines. Good to be able to loosen up a person’s mucus. I learned a lot in this chapter, I also liked learning more about Sleep Apnea seems a lot of people have this. I liked the comparison of the common cold to Hay Fever also. All in All another great chapter.

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