How to Relieve Congestion in Massage Clients


I have noticed when clients are in the prone position for around 30 minutes, they often times experience sinus congestion. This congestion can be a major distraction from the relaxing massage. The congestion can also lead to sinusitis. I found the following tips for preventing congestion: 1. Certain essential oils “such as eucalyptus and peppermint”are known to act as decongestants. Place a few drops of one of these oils on the face cradle before positioning the client in the prone position or use an aromatherapy diffuser. 2. Adjusting the face cradle or cushion may be a simple way to relieve congestion. Adjusting where the pressure falls on the face can bring immediate relief. 3. Using a memory foam face cradle can also help ease sinus discomfort. The memory foam provides relief by distributing the pressure more evenly across the face. It also provides softer, more supportive cushioning than regular face cradles. 4. A facial steamer or humidifier (along with Vicks in the medicine cup) can also help keep the sinuses clear. 5. If none of these steps bring adequate relief, try giving the massage with the client in the side-lying position. This will eliminate sinus pressure from the face cradle and avoid the problematic prone position altogether.


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