Medication and massage


A client came in and had taken a strong muscle relaxant for pain in between the spine and scapula. When doing the intake she told me she had taken the medication 4 hours earlier and was also having her menstral cycle. I told her that taking medication does effect what kind of massage you can receive. I have found that people don’t realize the effect massage has on the body other than relaxation. I believe it is important to educate people and not just let the opportunity pass by thinking they may already know. I have had more than one person taking high blood pressure medication with moderately high blood pressure get mad because they cannot have deep tissue massage. Some therapists will give these people a deep massage even though they should not and are risking that client’s health just so the client won’t get mad. When the next therapist comes along not wanting to cause harm, they may get a mad client express their angry opinion.


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