Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, 2nd edition, by Salvo and Anderson. Within the course of Dr. Johnson.

I found the information on how to properly interact with clients in chapter 2 very helpful.  When I first read through the information I thought a lot of it was common sense.  I then realized that despite the fact that it makes sense, I can see myself doing (or not doing) the things it warned against without even realizing it.

For example, the book warns not to use substitute names, such as dear, when addressing clients.  In the past, I have used such names without even thinking about it.  Now that I have read this section in the book, I will make a conscious effort not to use such names for people coming to me for my services.  I have found that when people I do not have a personal relationship with use such names on me, I feel as if they are putting me down and acting as if they are better than me.  This is not a good way to develop a good therapy/patient relationship.  I will try to make a conscious effort to establish a relationship of mutual respect with my clients, as opposed to me subconsciously treating them as if I am above them.


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