Mental Disorders


Mental health is the capacity to cope and adjust to the ongoing stresses of everyday life. Mental disorders are the significant impairment in areas of behavior or personality that interferes with the persons ability to function.  The cause of mental disorders is unclear, but some factors can be diminished brain function, genetic or environmental factors. Anxiety disorders are sometimes panic (episode of intense fear and anxiety) or phobic (fear of certain object or situation) disorders, obsessive-compulsive (persistent intrusion of upsetting thoughts) disorder or posttraumatic stress.  For someone who has been sexually abused, ensure safe environment, look for triggers and avoid them, allow client to set boundaries.  When appropriate, refer client to qualified mental health professional or therapist. Major depressive disorder is profound sadness and hopelessness. Avoid vigorous massage and/or reduce treatment time if necessary. For bipolar disorder, massage should be nurturing and relaxing.


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