Food allergies


My youngest two children were born with food allergies. The middle child was sick within the first few weeks of life with respiratory issues but was too small to receive any medication. Since he was being nursed, he was reacting to the foods I was eating.  At four months old he had his first severe respiratory reaction and was having trouble breathing. I did not find out until he was a year and a half old that it was food allergies that was making him sick. His father had food allergies when he was under the age of 6 but grew out of them. The reason it was so hard to diagnose was because he did not have the usual allergic reaction to things he ate within an hour or two, it wasn’t until about 48 hours later that he would have problems breathing. The only other sign that something was wrong was mild bumps on the upper arms, nothing else. When he eats something he is allergic to I have always been able to trace it back to 48 hours prior to the ingestion time. This type of delayed reaction must be rare because all of the medical professionals we have crossed paths with have never told us about this type of reaction. I did learn about this reaction by studying anatomy and physiology as a massage therapist.

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