Pinched nerve/Herniated disc


An acquaintance of mine recently went to the hospital with severe pain radiating down his arm. The ER diagnosed him with a pinched nerve and recommended he get a deep tissue massage. I gave him a massage and after, the pain was manageable but still severe. He went to a chiropractor and found out he had two herniated discs, C5 and C7. Then he had to go back to the doctor who said it had apparently been there for a long time and he just didn’t know. He had to have his spine fused together and now cannot turn his head well. He has also learned about each vertebrae and the associated pathologies when they are damaged. Now he could develop recurrent throat conditions from the C5 damage and more frequent colds, thyroid issues, and/or bursitis from the C7 damage. He also has limited physical abilities at work. He is in his early 30’s, I wonder what his physical abilities will be like when he is older or if he develops complications at such a young age?


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