COPD and Allergies with Myofascial Release


A family relative underwent surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer. Since then she has started having knots or swelling in her mouth and tongue. For the first time in her life she was told it was an allergic reaction to something. They prescribed various allergy medications and none really worked. Then, the swelling knots developed on her feet and legs. She went to a Chiropractor who specializes in allergy treatment, who put her on a homeopathic detox. Since starting the detox, she quit smoking but started developing edema when she took the remedies as prescribed. She also keeps gaining weight and has so far been unsuccessful at controlling it despite starting a new exercise regimen. Just last week she was diagnosed with COPD. All of these things have just popped up within the last 2 years after receiving the treatments for cancer. Before this she was a healthy, active 63 year old, taking absolutely no prescription medication. Their are certain types of massage that are good for respiratory issues. Sometimes Myofascial Release is good for chest releated breating concerns. When people cough or are tense frequently the fascia in their chest and or back can adhere to the chest muscles making it harder to relax and breathe deeply. Releasing the fascia can make a huge difference in respiration.


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