Diabetes Mellitus, Type II


A student in my massage class has a son that has Diabetes Mellitus and he is only 4. He is a healthy weight and active, with plenty of exercise. He eats a balanced diet and was brought up that way from a baby. Despite trying to control his sugar levels with proper diabetic recommendations, he still has to have an insulin pump. The nurse at his preschool has to check his sugar levels and report to the family frequently during the day. It seems that this particular case the sugar levels are hard to control despite following all the right protocols. At such a young age having this much difficulty, it must be reeking havoc inside his body doing a lot of damage. What will this do over time to his pancreas since he has had this from about 2 years of age. If young children like this were to receive regular massages would it harm them more by pushing more blood through their body’s faster? In school I learned that when you are going to receive a massage it is better to take medication after the massage, if possible. The massage pushes blood through the body at a more rapid rate which causes the body to process the medication faster than normal and could cause a problem.


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