Kidney Stones


An acquaintance of mine has had numerous kidney stones over the years. He takes prescription medication to try and prevent the formation of new stones. He has had a few surgeries to remove them. The last surgery the surgeon nicked his urethra and it didn’t heal right, leaving scar tissue and causing pain. He had surgery to repair the tube but by then the kidney’s output had diminished and the kidney was failing. After years of having stones and multiple surgeries his kidneys had gone through a great deal of trauma. Over the next couple of years the kidney kept deteriorating and finally it had to be removed. Now with only one kidney left and his history of so many stones, I wonder how this kidney will do or if some day he will need a transplant. His poor diet and daily drinking habit of soda does not help the situation. If he started getting regular swedish massages to help relax and promote circulation this could help his blood pressure since he only has one kidney to regulate it. Also, good circulation could help his immune system stay strong and reduce the number of urinary infections over time.


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