Varicose veins


My massage clients vary in age from very young to the eldery. I have noticed that many young people even in their twenties have already started to develop varicose veins. As far as my clients go, it seems that the females are worse than the males. Most of them are healthy and have a normal weight. It seems that alot of them do take anxiety, antidepressant, and or allergy medication. I wonder if this in addition to our poor eating, drinking, and lifestyle habits is overwhelming the liver at such a young age. A clean healthy functioning liver is vital in cleansing the blood preventing early onset of various diseases. If we educate our clients about the causes of varicose veins and how important regular detoxification of organs are, explaining to them that massage may enhance the process by promoting good circulation of blood and assisting the body to relax so it can repair the damage. This may increase their quality of life in some way.

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