Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder


A past client of mine at a Chiropractor’s office suffered from depression and anxiety disorder. She came two times a week for a few months, then once weekly, and suddenly she started not coming for a month at a time. She had severe tight muscles in the whole upper body. No matter what I did she didn’t get any better. She would have emotional releases and start crying or just talk the whole session away venting her frustrations. She had anxiety about things going on with extended family, her own family, work, you name it and she would literally think the situation to death. She held on to everything. In a caring way I tried to tell her that she needed to let go of things because it was negatively effecting her body. She had headaches, menstrual problems, and upper body pain because she was so tense all the time. Her depression was keeping her from coming in for massages. She would have an appointment scheduled and at the last minute she would cancel because she was paniced about something. I tried relaxing swedish massage with her, aromatherapy, deep tissue, and reflexology. She would be better when she left but always came back with the same body complaints. Despite me trying everything I knew how to, this lady was not better when I last saw her after almost a year of massage sessions.


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