It is important for any therapist or medical professional to note what medications a client is taking. This falls under the intake process but it is up to the therapist to ask why and how the client is taking the medication. Although some answers might be obvious, such as one taking antihistamines in order to treat allergies, it is important for the therapist to note exactly what kind of allergy the patient suffers from. It could be anything from seasonal allergies to contact allergies, in which case the therapist needs to know what can or cannot be used in a treatment session. It is also important for the therapist to note how medications are administered. If the medication is administered orally, there is less of an effect on the therapy than if the client is taking the medication through injections or even intravenously or through a port. If the client is taking the medications any way other than orally, special care must be taken to ensure that massage therapy is still recommended for the patient and that the injection/IV/port site is not disturbed during therapy. It is the sole purpose of medications to help heal the body and it is our jobs as therapists to ensure the medication is allowed to properly do its job as undisturbed as possible while we work with the medication to also help heal the patient.


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