Treatment Planning


Treatment planning is a crucial part of any medical treatment. The proper steps must be taken to ensure that the patient’s health and well being is taken into consideration at each and every step of treatment. First, client information must be recorded, such as current medical conditions, past and upcoming surgeries or procedures, allergies, and various other information. Once as complete of a medical history as can be received has been completed, the therapist is ready to assess the patient and begin a Plan of Care (POC) for the patient’s therapy. The POC is crucial because this is how the therapist guides his or her treatment of the patient. If the therapist has completed a proper medical history and worked with the proper medical personnel to construct the best POC possible for the patient as well as working with the patient to ensure the patient gets out of the therapy what he or she wants and needs, the therapist will have made his or her best effort to help treat the patient and get the patient on his or her way back to a healthier, happier life.


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