Celiac Disease


I spent a majority of my life suffering from many of the symptoms of celiac disease. I would tell my doctors and other health care professionals about how I was always tired and just never felt good in general. I would be tested for anemia, the test would come back negative, and I would be told to sleep more and take vitamins. Finally, last August, a new doctor tested me for celiac disease and the test came back as positive. If it was not for this doctor being aware of the symptoms and the disease, I would still be eating large amounts of bread and wondering why I always felt so sick. It is very important for those working in massage therapy to be aware of the symptoms of various diseases. Massage therapists are in a position where they usually see patients on a regular basis. They get to know their patients well. The patients will probably share various health concerns with the therapist, through evaluation or just casual talk. What may seem like a common, unimportant complaint to the patient may be a sign of a more serious problem. If the massage therapist can pick up on this, it may save a patient’s life.


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