Dysmenorrhea, or menstrual cramps, is a frequent problem for women. These menstrual cramps are very uncomfortable and may interfere with the sufferers’ daily lives. The release of prostaglandins is a main cause of the pain. There are massage considerations that should be made if one has a client suffering from these menstrual cramps. The therapist should usually avoid the abdomen so as not to make the pain worse. However, gliding and deep friction massage may be helpful when applied to surrounding areas. The client should be put in a comfortable position: this may mean having a pillow under her abdomen while she is prone and she may feel more comfortable lying on her side. A moist hot pack placed on her stomach or her back will also help to ease the pain. A semireclining position should be used if she is experiencing nausea. It is very important for the well being of the client and for the massage therapist’s business to properly address the needs of a woman suffering from dysmenorrhea.


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