Respiratory Pathologies


People with respiratory issues require special considerations when massage therapy is involved. For example, take a patient who suffers from pneumonia. While the client is suffering from pneumonia, it is important that he or she is allowed to recover before beginning or resuming massage therapy. For some patients, it is not uncommon for their doctor to recommend massage therapy for patients once the pneumonia has cleared up but still exhibit some lingering symptoms. For some patients who are still in the process of trying to recover completely from the pneumonia, their doctor might recommend postural drainage therapy after the patient has recovered from the pneumonia but has not yet completely “dried up” so to speak. This is done in order to drain any remaining moisture in the lungs and respiratory system and decrease the chance for a reoccurrence of the pneumonia before the patient has completely recovered. Overall, when one has a respiratory issue, it is imperative for the client to check with the physician before beginning any kind of massage therapy.

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