Mental Disorders


Massage therapy for a patient with a mental disorder can be a challenging session, but it can also be a rewarding one as well. After noting what mental disorder the client has, the therapist should make special considerations for that disorder and adjust therapy sessions accordingly. For example, if a patient has a phobic disorder, the therapist must first and foremost insure that the patient is not phobic to human contact. If this is not an issue for the patient, the therapist must then find what the patient is phobic to and remove the stimulus from the therapy session area if necessary to ensure the comfort level of the patient. If the patient has a panic disorder, on the other hand, the therapist should not administer therapy during an attack or when the patient is feeling particularly anxious. If a patient has a panic attack during a therapy session, the therapist should help the patient into a sitting position and encourage the client to take slow, deep breaths. The emergency contact person should be contacted to come and get the client from therapy in order to get them in a more comfortable environment, and the massage session should not be resumed if a client has a panic attack.


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