Urinary Pathologies


Patients with urinary disorders are a special population. For instance, a client with Nephrotic Syndrome might first present with swollenness around the periorbital region which eventually spreads to other areas of the body including the abdomen, extremities, and the scrotum in males. If the client is undiagnosed and the practitioner notices such symptoms in combination with pallor, weight gain, and loss of appetite (if the client has mentioned this to the therapist), the therapist should recommend the client see his or her physician before continuing therapy. Once therapy has been approved for the patient with Nephrotic Syndrome, the therapist must take precautions to ensure the comfort of the patient. Direct pressure over the kidneys is not advised and should be avoided when at all possible. If the patient begins to complain of fatigue, the therapist should shorten the treatment and focus on only the most necessary aspects of therapy for the client.


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